You won’t believe it ! What has this handsome, young man done to her girl friend who is having an incurable skin condition?


“You are so beautiful” I know.It is one of the things that you are eagerly  waiting to hear from others .All of us,including me try our best to be pleasant to others.Everyday  we think of our hair ,skin and we do a lots of treatments to keep them healthy.

But,what if someone is unable to expect beautiful and clear skin throughout their lifetime?Can you imagine how miserable that person’s life is?

What if a person loves ,and marries someone who is having incurable skin disease?Think !  What a beautiful heart he has got?

Image Credit –Daniel Panisson Fotografias /Facebook

A lady call Karine de Souza from Fortaleza in Brazil has an incurable skin  condition and it named as Xeroderma Pigmentosum.Doctors have diagnosed this when she was three- years- old.The people who have this skin condition can’t behave as ordinary people.They have a problem of DNA system that repair damage. When they are exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays,they are at a risk of skin cancer.So, Karine has to hide and live in the shadows.She has to smother her skin in SPF100 sunscreen for every two hours, even though she was in her home. Because of these reasons. Karine had to undergo nearly 130 surgery procedures to remove her skin lesions caused by the sunrays. Not only that she had to remove her lower lip and  a part of her nose.

Image Credit –Daniel Panisson Fotografias /Facebook

Karine has a strong heart,she never gives up her life and hopes .Even though her destiny treats her like this,she is very lucky enough to be loved by a man named Edmilson.

Image Credit –Daniel Panisson Fotografias /Facebook

She met Edmilson three years before through social media.Edmilson has fallen in love with karine’s story and her strength,and  her physical appearance too.Soon after they started dating they share their photos online.People criticized Emilson,they questioned and wondered.They thought that Edmilson was cheating her and he was doing all these things just for fame.But ,finally Edmilson and Karine got married and their marriage was the best answer for naysayers.

Image Credit –Daniel Panisson Fotografias /Facebook
Image Credit –Daniel Panisson Fotografias /Facebook

Their photos of the prenup were shared by Daniel Panisson Fortografias and these photos made waves online.

The photographer wrote,

“Have you ever felt love? Have you ever thought about giving up a great love ? Have you worried about appearance and forget to worry about the feeling? So I invite you to feel and live story of Karine and Edmilson that will awaking you the most beautiful meaning of life”

Image Credit –Daniel Panisson Fotografias /Facebook

Edmilson is a true lover,he did every thinning because he loves Karine .He could marry a beautiful girl but he didn’t do it.Despite of appearance he loves Kaine’s inner beauty.When we love some one honestly ,we never consider the rest of the things .We want the person whom we love .For that Emilson is a good example.Nowadays it is rare to find a person who loves truly.So let’s congratulate Karine and Emilson for their marriage life.


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