Windows Tips & Tricks part 01

Windows Tips & Tricks part 01

As many of you know, I have a love hate relationship with Windows 10. So many privacy concerns and aggressive tactics to upgrade,
have almost pushed me to the point of uninstalling the operating system and replaced it with one of the many Linux distro. Putting aside the BS coming from Microsoft over the last couple years. Windows 10 is still a great operating system that is full of all sorts of useful features. So today I’ll show you 10 tips, tricks and hidden features on Windows 10. Coming up next on tech gumbo.
The tips here at the beginning will be some of the easier ones with more advanced tips for power users near the end of this page. Some of these were recently rolled out with the recent spring edition of the windows 10 Creators Update.

Number one – Dark theme

If you want to give your PC and more stylish look including a dark theme, you have several options.
So first, let’s head over to start. Select Settings.
Then personalization.
In the left pane, select colors. Here you have several options, you can allow windows to automatically pick an accent color from your background.
Or you could select one of your own, you could turn on or off the transparency effects.
And finally for the dark theme, the default is light. So to switch it to a dark thing, just select dark. I personally like the dark theme better than light. I also find it’s easier on the eyes.

Number two game mode.

If you’re a PC Gamer running a lower specs system, game mode just may help you out. It allows more of your system resources to be allocated to your game, which prevents background processes from disrupting your experience. You could use the game bar while in game to turn this feature on. But there is an easier way

just go back to settings like we did in the previous tip. So start menu
select gaming. In the left pane, select game mode, and then just select it to turn it on. This also works with non Windows Store games to

Number three – storage sense.

Over time, your PC can fill up with needless job without ,you knowing it.
But the latest Creators Update they added storage sense,
which will clear out unneeded temporary files and files in your Recycle Bin more than 30 days old.
While in settings,
select system.
In the left pane select storage.
Then select it to enable the feature.
Select change how we free up space
had leave these options turned on.
Hopefully they add more options to stored sense in the future.

Number four – Nightlight

This is one of my favorite new features. nightlight this a lot like flux, which is a program that removes blue light, which they claim can help you sleep better. To activate nightlight in Settings. Select system, then under color selected to turn it on or off. If you’re running a multiple monitors setup, this will turn nightlight on or off on all monitors. If you select nightlight settings, there are several options to customize the experience. You can adjust the color temperature, you can set nightlife to only operate during sunset or sunrise hours.Or you can set your own hours.

See my friend it easy…we will meet on part two



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