What Should One Keep In Mind Before Adopting An American Pit Bull Terrier


I always say when people hear American pit bull terrier they start thinking it is a terrible deadly breed. Well, it’s never the breed but the owner and how he raises the dog. See, to be honest. Pitbulls are amazing pet dogs. But you should be clear for what purpose you are picking up that pup, is it for guard training, for working, or just your household pet? Then ask yourself the question that are you compatible with the pup’s energy level?

Adopting An American Pit Bull Terrier
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See it depends on energy level and whether the pup shows signs of dominance or submission. So if you are less physically active in your house then you should get a low energy level dog(American pit bull terrier). If you are moderately active then a medium level and if you really love lots of activity and like going on treks, cycling, and daily jogging, then you can pick a high energy level pup. Now it’s best if your arent is confident of yourself that you can handle a natural-born dominant dog( American pit bull terrier) and if you are a first-timer then it’s best you go for a medium-level dog/pup who shows signs of submission.

Adopting An American Pit Bull Terrier
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Now, how do know what kind of energy level the dog is, and is dominant or submissive?

In the case of pups.

    1. When you go to visit a litter of pups. Don’t look for a cute puppy who just topples everyone and is the first one to drink the milk of his mommy. These are just the first signs of the pup being dominant.
    2. The second same energy might be shown by another pup but he won’t try to stop other pups from eating his food or does not show dominance, that’s a happy go lucky pup which is also an ideal choice for first-timers but who can provide proper exercises because happy-go-lucky pups tend to become very excited ones so in order to drain that excess energy you need exercise.
    3. When you approach a pup and he naturally lies down on his back and allows you to scratch his belly is a naturally submissive one.
    4. Now, these are also ideal ones but you have to provide proper leadership to them by following the formula of -EXERCISE, DISCIPLINE. AFFECTION.
Adopting An American Pit Bull Terrier
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See these breeds are challenging and even on a submissive one if you don’t provide proper leadership they might need to fill that gap and in doing so may start getting overprotective, obsessive, and other behavior issues which you don’t wanna happen with Pitbulls. In the case of happy-go-lucky, they won’t trouble you much but again it does not just pit but while getting any new pet dog at your home you must consider that you may fulfill all the physical needs of food, shelter vet bills but can you provide for their psychological needs of getting proper exercise and discipline them being positively calm assertive?

If you can do that and get your dog’s trust and respect you will have a loyal, loving, happy, and stable dog.


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Adopting An American Pit Bull Terrier
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Adopting An American Pit Bull Terrier
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Adopting An American Pit Bull Terrier
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