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US is written and directed by Jordan Peele and it says follow up to get out which was excellent and extremely surprising. I love whenever someone takes a different career path and you would expect, like when Jim Carry was like in Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine back to back, I was like, This is not what I expected from Ace Ventura, and get out was definitely not what I expected from Royce. But I’m glad that we got that because I loved his sketches on Comedy Central, but to see him become what he’s become and what he’s giving to film and the horror genre especially, it’s just been a joy, the film stars Lupica and younger and Winston Duke.

Two young kids

The mother and father of two young kids trying to have a relaxing vacation that is cut short, when a family that looks exactly like them shows up outside of their house and begins to wreak havoc on their lives. I’m a big horror fan. It’s my favorites genre. I love horror movies. Give me all the horror I wanted. I want them all right now, just let me have them. All the good ones. People need to make good horror. People need to watch good horror. People need to support this genre. And it’s something I’m very passionate about. And hopefully one day I can contribute to myself, and it’s something I’m really excited about. And I gotten say, I am just so happy that Jordan peels making movies like this. This film was awesome. Get out was so surprising and so different, but also just so goddamn entertaining.


He won an Oscar for the screenplay. And so coming off of that, obviously, there’s some pressure to see what you do. And I’m happy that he didn’t change himself, you know like he didn’t become some pretentious version of what he already was doing so well. us is more of a pure horror film, then get out was get out had a lot of social commentaries. It was very funny. This film has both of those as well. But it has a lot more of the horror stuff. There’s a lot of blood people creep around hallways holding fireplace posters. So it’s definitely a horror movie. It has all the things that john Irfan but one out of a film like this brutal kills lots of blood and an incredible score.

Second score

I’m amazed This is only this composer’s second score, get out being his first for the film anyway, according to his IMDb, it’s so good. I like to listen to horror movie soundtracks, if I’m writing horror, it kind of puts me in the mood gets me in that field, you know what I mean. And this is definitely one of those that I would like to buy and listen to over and over. But it stands out because of the fact that the film can be interpreted in so many different ways. There are some aspects of the movie that are very obvious that tell you what’s happening. But then there’s a lot of it that is ambiguous. And it’s definitely a film that on second viewing, you’re going to appreciate more, and I can’t wait to see it again.

Different lens

I’m going to go see it again this weekend with my friends because I want to look at it through a different lens. And I want to try to examine some of the imagery that peel shows in the film and what he’s going for because there are aspects to it that are you can look at it, I’m trying so hard not to spoil it now. Well, don’t worry, but you can look at the film a certain way, and accept what it is the first time you watch it, and it works in that way. But you can also view it from a certain lens. And I really love that I love movies that evolve when you watch it again. And I am so excited to do that. Because this film begs that it really wants you to think about the film.

Perception of the enemy

You have a conversation because there’s a lot of ways you can view the movie, it can be an allegory for duality. It can be an allegory for how we view other people, you know, what is our perception of the enemy? Is the enemy within our own selves? Or is it someone else? How do we personify what we view as an enemy? And this movie has a really clever way of exploring those questions. But like I said, purely from just a film making standpoint, the movies really well rounded. Looking down young go is incredible in the movie, she is so damn good in this film, that the Oscars will just ignore her. And she will not receive a nomination. That’s how good she is in the film.

Good and hereditary

I say that because Toni Collette was so good and hereditary, the best performance I saw last year and she did not receive a nomination. But this this could break the trend of the Academy, historically ignoring horror films as a genre, because it just I feel like it might and really everyone in the film was terrific the family has to portray, you know, the main characters, as well as this doppelganger family and they, ‘re so different Winston Duke also putting aside the fact that everyone plays a dual role. His character has to be scared while also being really goddamn funny throughout the whole film, and he pulls it off. And that’s another thing I loved about this movie is the way the comedy is interwoven throughout it often times and scary films.

Joke & funny

A character will pause to make a joke in the middle of a scene and you’re like, really, the man like, you that wasn’t funny. Like, someone wrote that and made you say it be better. But in this film, the comedy really worked because it felt like a family dealing with this insane, horrendous situation, and then taking a breather, and observing how purely bizarre it is. And just having to acknowledge the humor in it. And I thought that it just worked perfectly. I have really only one major issue with the film. And you know, don’t worry, no spoilers. There’s an aspect to the movie that I would have loved to have been more ambiguous. But it kind of lets you know, and I just wish that it said, No, you guys figure that out for the next 30 4050 years and argue about it forever.

A great second film

I wish that that was how things happened during a certain sequence. Instead, it’s like, no, this is what it is. And I just I like ambiguity. And I wish that it was a little more ambiguous. And really Other than that, I think this is an extremely well-made horror movie. A great second film from Jordan Peele, if he wants to continue in the horror genre.

US (2019 Film) – MultisitZ


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