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Tip of Health and Fitness

  • Eat an orange before working out. Not only does it keep your hydrated ,but also Prevent your muscles from getting sore
  • You can heal paper cuts & suddenly stop the pain by chapsticks
  • Dirking two cup of water before meal can make you lose weight .
  • Watching horror films can burn up more than 180 calories
  • Hold your breath and swallow 3 time, stop the hiccups.
  • when your are in hotel ,clean your hand after ordering.
  • Losing one night of sleep will impair reasoning & brain function for 4days.
  • Garlic & onions are both foods can increase to hair growth
  • Sugar can cure a burnt tongue
  • Eating your foods slowly it will help you to minimize your weight.
  • A cold spoon can help remove a hickey

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