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About Dhatusena

There was a king called Dhatusena who ruled Srilanka making Anuradhapura his capital. King was the builder of kalawewa. Dhatusena has done a great service through agriculture. He had two sons & a daughter. The two Sons were Kasyapa ,Moggallana was born of the queen and he was the rightful heir to the throne.

Kasyapa thought he would not be able to become the king. His brother will be the rightful heir to the throne. So he conspired against his father with the bits of the help of Senapati, the chief commander. Senapati also was not in good terms with the king. So kasyapa could easy revenge. One day the captured the king and asked for treasure. The king said it was the only treasure he had. He caught him up and put him to death. Thereafter Kashyap became the king. Moggallana knew the danger of the conspiracy and he escaped to India


‘Kasyapa, in fear of war against him changed his capital to Sigiriya on the top of big rock he built a beautiful palace and rule from there. This rock is very steep and is about 600 ft in height. Around the rock fortress, he built the deep wall to protect himself. He made the place form the bottom to top. The garden was planned with a water system which we can see even today .he had built a wonderful staircase leading to the top through the mouth of a huge lion carved out of stone. Still, we can see the beautiful paintings drawn on the side of the steep rock. These Sigiriya paintings are now famous all over the world. There is a shining wall called a mirror wall. On which the visitors to Sigiriya had written their feelings. These are called Sigiriya graffiti



However, Kasyapa could not be living a long time in Sigiriya. He could live there for only 18 years. His brother Moggallana came from India with a powerful army to fight. He did not wait until his brother comes, instead, he went to meet him with his army. On the way, there was a muddy place and he turned his elephant to long anther way. His men thought that their king was going to flee in fear of his bother. So his army began to run. He was ashamed and did not want to fall into hands of his brother and killed himself. It was the end of a king who creates a beautiful place and a world-famous fortress.

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