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New Inventions In Electronics
Techno auto water

New Inventions In Electronics comes a new concept for your home the world’s first smart touch less faucet adapter techno auto water .Wife can sometimes get messy tech auto water teaches children hand-washing habits and helps your busy household get rid of germs. It has two powerful sensors for on and off with the timeout protection that stops the water automatically. The bottom sensor is for quick use there’s no need to replace your old taps. Simply make them work better with our six different connector sizes. It fits easily with most bathroom and kitchen faucets. Tech auto water is made with the highest quality materials including brushed aluminum as well as cutting. Edge technology for a minimum of charge combined with the reliable durability. Choose between seven colors and get water during the night without turning the main light on thanks to our motion sensors .

Night life tech auto water helps control and reduces household water usage and consumption by up to 65%. Help us bring our green technology to millions of homes around the world tech auto water use only the water you need without wasting a drop
Eden Garden sensor

 A garden is a fusion of light and air earth and water it’s a living breathing thing .A good gardener has to be mindful. You have to understand the interaction between all of nature’s elements. What those mean for your plants. how people interact with their land their plants in their garden. ,something that could help them better understand their environment because understanding. Your environment is the first step to conserving  it. Eden assess the soil nutrition in your garden. Tracks how humid or dry it may be the temperature the kind of sunlight you’re getting throughout the day. Then Eden takes all that information about your garden and cross-references it with meteorological data from the area you live in. Eden can tell you what type of fertilizer is best for your soil and what vegetables will thrive in it.

 When to plant them and how often to water and that advice. Isn’t just based on generalities it’s based on what’s happening in your garden right now the end result is healthier more sustainable plants. Hopefully a deeper connection to your garden.

we will meet on another inventions soon as possible  .Keep on eye with


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