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Most attractive character in Marvel movies

Marvel Films

Do you watch Avenger infinity war film? One of the best film in marvels production. They have produced more than 50 films. I think you all are watched all film of marvels production but Are you know about Marvels group. 

See below details to your general knowledge
  • Formerly           : Marvel films(1993 -1996)
  • Industry            : Films
  • Genre                : Super hero
  • Predecessor    : Marvel productions
  • Founded           : 1993
  • Founders          : Avi Arad, Toy biz, Marvels Entertainments
  • Head quarters : 500S, Buena vista street ,Burbank, California  ,UN
  • Area                  : Word wide
  • Key People      : Kevin feige
  • Products         : Motion pictures
  • Subsidiaries   : Marvel music , Marvel Films ,MVL development LLc


Friends, I think now you have a little bit knowledge about. There are so many attractive Marvel characters. Of these my best one is Killmonger.

I selected Killmonger specifically because not only is he played by the handsome Michael B. Jordan, he has attractive special qualities. Now, I would like to define attractive does not always good or moral. What I mean is that Killmonger’s character was able to attract different people to his cousin. Now, I don’t mean he attracted or endeared himself to Wakanda. But he was a Navy SEAL, and it is implied that along with his viciousness in battle, he was also able to successfully do covert operations. Not only was he a Navy seal, but he also graduated from the Naval Academy, All of these talents show that Killmonger is no slouch. All of these organization require not only  physicality but social skills and adaptability.

The beginning of the movies shows Killmonger’s ability to completely change his attitude depending on the situation, and he can add charm to attract certain people to himself if the mission so requires it. No doubt surviving all that Killmonger did, he has had to possess the social skills, to charm people as he slips by, or maybe even gather information.

Another testament to Killmonger’s  attractiveness was his ability to attract the audience outside the screen to his cousin. This has to do not only with Killmonger having an empathetic cousin but also with the way he believes in it. No doubt that Killmonger has done dangerous things in the past. But we know of his complex and human motivations, and something behind Michael B. Jordan’s presence adds a lot of depth to Killmonger. Instead of repelling audiences, or boring some audiences like previous Marvel villains; a lot of people agreed with Killmonger in some aspects. And that takes a lot of attractiveness.

Will we meet on another  attractive character in Marvel movies

black panther

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