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Marvel’s Venom Movie

I’m going to consider this a teachable moment. Studios out there except Fox apparently you’re the ones who do it right if there is a comic book character that lends itself to rated our content if you make the movie rated . We will watch it like why not do that for venom. I mean why  venom is a film adaptation of the character. Venom you remember him from the comic books you kind of remember him from I guess. He was in spider-man 3 anyhow this is the standalone venom film Eddie Brock is played by Tom Hardy.

About ”
Initial Release       – 2018/10/03
Director                  – Ruben Fleischer
Budget                    – $100 – 116 Mn
Production             – Marvel Entertainment , Tencent , Columbia , Pascal Pictures
Venom movie there’s this super shady science corporation. That’s harvesting these symbiotic from space one finds its way to Eddie Brock. So Eddie Brock becomes the antihero venom who needs to figure it out and take on super evil science guy. First of all I liked about the movie. What I liked most is the Eddie Brock venom dialogue and dynamic that dynamic is awesome. 
Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy can hear venom talked to him in his mind but no one else can hear. He kind of reminded me of inner space. When tuck Pendleton would talk to Jack Potter that lends itself to some funny moments, some humorous some otherwise enjoyable moments. Venom symbiotic is thinking or at least saying to him well. Tom Hardy’s trying to keep a straight face and talk to someone else. 
My best Part”
 I enjoyed that in the movie and when venom came out to play when the whole symbiotic takes him over and he becomes venom. It was damn entertaining could have been more entertaining if the movie was rated.  I’ll get to that in a second but those things basically had what I wanted to see in a venom movie. Granny doesn’t shoot webs out of his fists figured he wouldn’t but that’s missing but generally speaking.
Dynamic parts
I do wish venom Eddie Brock and their dynamic was in a better movie and overall better movie that’s more interesting. Maybe has a stronger villain look this movie is starting out hamstrung because the venom story the origin in the comic books.  He is interesting starts out on spider-man rips him off he rejects him. Then he goes on to Eddie Brock if they both have an axe to grind against spider-man he becomes an antihero. 


Who kills people spider-man doesn’t like that but he’s not necessarily evil and it gets even more interesting. When that hero and that antihero have to team up to fight a greater evil this movie does not have spider-man nor can it so it just it has to make its own story up to say that. I didn’t care about the super evil science corporation.  The guy who runs it would probably be an understatement . 
I  didn’t care about this science. He not Oscar corporation I didn’t care about the dude running it.  He was the most boring villain ever if he’s trying to be a snarky businessman I didn’t find him interesting if he’s trying to be a loud angry villain , but no I think you is terribly written I didn’t care about Eddie Brock’s relationship with his ex Tom Hardy and Michele Williams no chemistry in my view.
Al last
 Here just wasn’t feeling it and could this.  Movie have benefited from being rated  absolutely think it could’ve at first I thought it was film to be rated  but then did the thing. Where they just like cut away when he’s going to bite a head off . I’m kills like a grand total of three people in this movie is usually bite the head off but they cut away and then he throws this really shadowy body you don’t see any blood whatsoever not even shadows of blood spurts there’s just nothing.  I was like all right they made editing.
I think in my experience venom film was grate. We will meet soon as possible to next review

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