Little Ryder survives, without his cute face, after being attacked by two dogs

Little Ryder survives,without his cute face, after attacked by two dogs

If you have had a monster face since your childhood, what are you gonna do? When you go out shopping, people see your face and begin to run away from you laughing. How do you face it? 

I heard about a brave little boy from North Carolina. This little boy Ryder Wells was attacked by two 100 pound, two rottweilers while visiting family for thanksgiving in 2015. He was 21 months only when he attacked. After that, he lost half of his face, suffered a broken arm and punctured lung, and teeth were crushed. He faced 50 surgeries,  Doctors gave up their hopes about him. Even his family didn’t think he could survive. He surprises all of them while opening his eyes, after surgeries 

Image Credit – Gofundme

Doctors said that was a Miracle, they never thought he could make it. Now they are facing a new problem. He always gets negative comments, they insult him by calling him a monster. Think, How rude are they? Why do people act like this? Still, he is a little boy, he needs much love and care. That’s all. Because of these reasons, sometimes he hides his face from the others and wears glasses and a cap. His mother is always with him. She told him every day “It’s ok to be different, you have different beauty, and being different is beautiful “She always worries about when he starts school, how others will treat him, be nice to him or bully him because of his face. If we can treat people who look different and teach our children to always be kind then Ryder can walk freely. Remember, life can be changed at any second. So, enjoy your life and be kind to others. Stand for those who look different. See their beauty inside and outside too.


Image Credit – Gofundme


Image Credit – Gofundme


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