Is Embracing the Beginning of Biological and Psychological Influence?


Love, security, and care are three fundamental needs that are inextricably linked. Life in this universe may have originated and evolved because of the love, protection, and care that exist between living beings. Plants are also considered to be organisms. In large trees, it is the tree that provides the above protection for the wilting vines.

Love, protection, and care are the hallmarks of the plant world, the human community as well as the entire animal kingdom. Love, protection, and care are deep and complex concepts. Taken all together, the visible moment of all three of these concepts is embracing.

The hugs you see in the animal kingdom can make you feel inspired as well as funny. These infections are most common in animals, such as chimpanzees, which are very close to human behavior but can also occur in very small animals. This series of photos will give you an inspiring feeling.

t is no secret that in the course of biological evolution when it came to man through animals, certain physical bodies and behaviors were removed. But through evolution, embrace can be identified as a behavior that came to man without being evolved.

You have seen a small child born without any deep or complex or human concepts. You have seen this baby, who is unable to move his arms and legs, cry out loud except when he is hungry. What does this crying child expect?

What this crying baby expects is love, protection, and care. What is the child’s expected response? The baby really wants a warm hug. Through that embrace, the baby is satisfied with all the needs of love, protection, and care. In fact, you might be wondering if a hug is so powerful.

It is no secret that hugs and kisses between people have become a normal part of your social life. But did you know that it involves a deep and complex biological process?

Physiochemical processes that occur during embracing,

Oxytocin, the hormone of love, is secreted during a hug. This happens because the mind is free and relaxed, with a sense of true love, protection, and care at this point. This hormone, which is secreted in this way, is a neuropeptide that primarily causes thoughts and feelings about love, care, protection, devotion, trust, and attachment. Basically, the minds of living beings become ill and suffer from stress or suffering when the above living emotions do not occur.

Therefore, due to the increase in the level of oxytocin in the blood during hugging, the level of cortisol in the blood decreases. Decreasing these cortisol levels increases the activity of the immune system to fight against external diseases. This increases the body’s immunity. At a time when many immunizations are being used to protect against almost every infectious disease, it is important to be able to raise the level of immunity naturally.

Research has shown that the secretion of mess oxytocin begins 6 seconds after the embrace and that during the embrace, the hormone secretions are triggered by physiological stimuli, and that the embrace is required for at least 20 seconds to reduce stress and complete physical relaxation.

Research has been done on the transmission of the disease through the use of hugs and kisses among people with the common cold and in healthy people. The transmission of the disease is as low as 1%. This is also due to the high level of immunity during the embrace period.

Another consequence of the production of oxytocin in the embrace is a decrease in the production of the stress hormone norepinephrine. This will reduce stress and mental complications, lead to emotional relief, and embrace. Research has shown that during hugs, high blood pressure also decreases due to a decrease in stress.

As an important part of a child’s physical and mental development, they need sensitive stimuli through hugging. Tactile sensory stimulation enhances a child’s creative abilities, enhances cognitive and social skills, and enhances pentagonal use. Embraces with love, protection, and care to contribute to the development of the child’s positive social skills. Creating a sociable child contributes to the well-being of society in every way.

Depression is just like any other illness which just needs full support from the family. This is probably not something you know about yet. Of course, this is amazing. In fact, we think that kissing can spread the disease. But in fact, it boosts the body’s immune system.

The psychological and physical effects of embracing,

  • Showing your support reduces stress.
  • Protects you from diseases.
  • Can improve your heart health.
  • Creates positive tendencies towards children’s education.
  • Helps reduce your fears.
  • Helps you to communicate with others
  • Loneliness frees you from the stress of spending time.
  • Creates a better and better person through mixed feelings of love, protection, and care.

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