When my husband and I got our first dog,Roxcy we promised her a “sibling” when we settled into our own home.When she was four we got a puppy, Ruby.

Roxcy played an integral role in teaching Ruby the ropes and rules of our home. It was cute, and Roxcy was a tremendous help.For example one of our house rules was no dogs on the couch. Ruby being a young pup hadn’t tried this yet. I was in the kitchen and couldn’t see the living room where Roxcy and Ruby were. I heard Roxcy give one bark and peeked around the corner. Ruby was getting off the couch and never got on again.

Another time my husband and I had just gotten home from his parents house on Christmas. It was late. We were tired. I put a new pair of slippers they had given me on the floor.

Not a minute later our young pup Ruby got one of the slippers and had the time of her life running around the living room with it. My husband and I tried but couldn’t get it from her. We must have looked funny trying.

Roxcy, was sitting there watching our antics as we were trying to catch Ruby puppy. I looked at Roxcy, who was “mama’s helper” and said “Roxcy, help mama.” She went up to Ruby, barked once and Ruby dropped the slipper like a hot potato.

That was the end of that and China never went near another shoe or slipper again.

i hope all you have very exciting experience with your puppy’s..its time to share with us.

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