We going to show you how to speed up your windows 10 for free any doubt you see any software so let’s begin the quick tutorial Stay tuned & think how easy task do you have to do to speed up your windows 10.

Step number one – power option

Just go to your start menu insert power option play will see the power option on the retail just click on it and you will get to this control panel power option when nowhere you can see my default power plant he said as balanced change it to high performance naked puts the power options step.


Number two disable unwanted startup program.

For that first, you need to go to the task manager. The easiest way to get to the task manager get by clicking on any empty space on your task bar and choose death manager from pure Once you’re at the desk manager go to start up and shoot and shoot you will see all the programs that startup automatically venue systems job when you in stroll program and Windows 10 it may add a small program that runs may have been discharged after installing a lot of software you may experience here with a process can be can slow as well as these programs run on the system background forever and it goes your system performance slow down. if there are programs you don’t use much they probably don’t need to start it.

Every time windows test so I will show you how to disable unwanted programs to achieve a better start of speed and system performance. And you can see here many programs that we regularly use as well as many programs that we never used on a daily basis identify them and upload these.

for example if you are not an active Skype you sure you can disciple sky from automatic started once your systems shout out and let me disable a number of other programs as well that I ain’t use regularly and make sure denied disable your programs published by Microsoft Corporation because maybe these programs are ending your windows and you know to disable the antivirus so that’s it we all didn’t share now close the task manager and let’s move on to some other things.

Step number three the fragment and optimize drives

Did you that you want to go to Start Menu insert different menu and click on different menu and optimize drives. Now you will see this window from here you’re going to want to select your system drive usually etc to drive so let’s select see and click on optimize now you can see your system drive is optimizing once it finished you can close the window step.

Number four delete unnecessary temporary files

For that head over to the start menu and right-click on Windows. I can then choose run from here now disperse and date stamp personage and click on OK Now you will see this folder select everything in it and delete today you can go step further and go to the red box again by right-clicking on the Windows icon and choose when now type (%temp%) and click on OK now gain a folder will appear and share you will see a dialogue box just like this click on Continue then select all the files in it right click and delete. Now again good run, now click on okay Now click on continue and you’re going to want to select everything and delete after that you can close the folder.

Step number five – clean up the memory 

Go to your file explorer right click on your system dry or C drive or more specifically saying where your windows 10 is installed and choose Properties from sure you’re now in the General tab up option just click on it and allow it to scan the files now you can see the scanning is finished and you’re going to want to click on the cleanup system files added boost can again off your the scan finished you will see this window now click on OK and it will ask you are you sure you want to permanently delete this file just click on okay don’t worry the only delete the unnecessary files and what this is doing right now is cleaning all the unnecessary files in your system.

So my friends so easy task to do speed up your window 10.Keep eye with MultisiteZ.com to part two.


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