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How To Get Slim – Word File

How To Get Slim – Word File

How to get slim word file asked about some associated with your daily office work. Did you come across the following situation? You need to send an email with a Word file attachment. However, the email can’t be ship out the reason the Word record is just too extensive. And you waste many efforts in making the report slim. You can use the following methods, which can minimize the size a lot.

”How to get slim  – Save as”

In Menu, choose “File > Save As,” and shop the report with a brand new name. Then You can examine the new file with the original one; you will discover that the report size of the latest one is tons smaller. You can also work in this way. Select the complete content material of the documentreproduction, and paste it to a brand new blank document and save it. Again, you will see that the file size of the two files is different.

”How to get slim  – Delete old versions”

If there are numerous old variations saved in the file, the document size might be larger. In Menu, choose “File > Version”, take a look at to look if there is any old version saved. You can delete those variations with no cost to make the file slim.

”Insert photo wisely”

“Insert Picture” is one of the main problems for the word record gets large. Try to insert a smaller picture. You can use a picture editor to lessen the size of the photo earlier than insert it into the file. The report format needs to use GIF or JPG and does no longer use the ones high-resolution picture, like BMP.

Don’t “Embed True Type Font.”

“Embed True Type Font” will boom the dimensions of word document. In Menu, choose “Tools > Options”, transfer to “Save” tab page. Confirm that your word document doesn’t have any true kind font, and cancel the “Embed True Type Font” option. If you embed true type font, then select “Embed characters in use only.”


Try the above four methods. You may see your word file getting slim.





How To Get Slim - Word File


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