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This time we have David harbor is Hellboy. Hellboy 2019 cast is a little demon that was found in World War Two.  He’s grown up around people. He’s part of this organization that does paranormal research and wipes out demons and now we have Milla Jovovich who plays his blood Queen she’s gonna come back  and world’s gonna end okay only Hellboy can stop her let’s go So okay, going to be real when I was watching this movie I was like I don’t get why a lot of  people hate this I’m having some fun with it that does go away by the end but for a section of portion of this movie I was like I don’t get the big deal I  don’t get the huge problem I’m just saying there’s enjoyment threaded in this mess for till David harbor is good pic to be cast his elbow.

Good story telling -hellboy

I think he would have been better he had more to work with like if the minds behind this movie were more in line with good storytelling. It’s like  everything good in this movie was good. And concept and I fell into that for a bit, and then it started to melt away I was like, Oh no, like there’s a scene  where he fights these three giants in a field in concept it’s really cool like the rock music kicks on he just massacring this giant you can see how powerful  he is. You get a pretty entertaining fight clearly On a green screen because oh my god that was on a green screen look good. CGI does not mean a good movie.  But when there’s terrible CGI that does stick out like a sore thumb. This movie does have some bad CGI.

Hellboy (2019 film)

Netflix Castlevania series – hellboy

Also, the violence is just it’s violent for the sake of violence like the violence doesn’t serve a purpose. We’ll bring up the Netflix Castlevania series  and Episode One of the Netflix Castlevania series. There’s a massacre that happens in this town. But I feel like it was for a point in purpose. First of all,  because it’s an animation, so they have to et the audience know hey, this isn’t a cartoon. It’s an animation we will take it there if we need to. But also  you have to get the feeling. Oh men, women, children, everyone’s being wiped out. Everyone’s in danger. And it’s going to be wrong.

The violence is happening – hellboy

The violence is happening in this movie just violence for the sake of violence and more blood and people being ripped in half in the screen and, and violence  sake because blood and we’re rated R now I already knew it was rated R because they said fuck enough times for it to be rated R pretty early on in the movie.  You don’t need to prove it with hyper-violence. I’m just saying if you’re going to have hyper-violence, have it be for a point or at least had to be  stylistic. As an example, there is a stylistic violent shot in the movie where Hellboy goes black, and then it zooms out through the hole in the head, and  the person falls over. I was like that was pretty stylistic. I like that. Granted, it happened at the end of the movie, but it was pretty stylistic.

Hellboy (2019 film)
Alien Queen

Whereas if it’s just bloody crap, for the sake of who look at the blood, some of the designs in this movie were interesting. Some of the models were just,  they were kind of shitty, if not gross like this girl can like have ghosts come out of her mouth, but you would think it would be missed like that miss that  that’s attached to a torso of a demon. It’s not it’s like some weird membrane that looks like the ass of the Alien Queen from the movie aliens, even if  that’s can honestly in line with a comic book, which I don’t know if it makes a change, saying it was gross. Also the editing, the stitching, the weaving of  the story. It’s pretty sloppy in this movie. There are so many people to talk to in so many different locations.

Pieces of  puzzle

So many places to go to to get all the pieces of this puzzle. I think they could have focused that after a couple of scenes where I was like that, really, it  didn’t serve much of anything, you could cut that out,which also brings up another point this movie feels a bit too long, but it’s like in between these  locations shifts, they didn’t know how to get the people there. So a couple of times, it’s like oh, we’ll have Hellboy pass out. Then he will be in another  location because someone will have taken him there or it just does some voice over montage like on the Third Age of this and that, and you see people walking  another there along to take him to get there. I don’t know I suppose as a by product.

Hellboy (2019 film)
Back stories

There’s a lot of stories a lot of backstories a lot of shit that happened in the year 500. So you got to give the audience a lot of information that occurs  from the get-go it’s like this weird storytelling I saw that happens early on it just follows the movie throughout whoever we this movie together just didn’t  do the smoothest job there’s actually a villain arc is the most exciting villain in the film. He’s a pig but I was attached to the pig and his access to  grant against Hellboy then Miss blood Queen The movie was like all right, whatever pushes him to the side we’re going to go ahead and wrap up his arc in a  very unfulfilling way because now you have bigger villain blood queen. Come on, guys, but no bigger villain does not mean better villain was more attached to
the pin.

At last 

You mean the pig like the best senior moment this movie when Hellboy is met with his moral dilemma the same one he had in the gamma Del Toro Hellboy, and it  was done better than that Hellboy with more impact. This one was just kind of like hey, here’s the 99 cent version of that moral dilemma.I thought to myself if I have friends over and we have the drinks flowing am I ever going to watch this movie again? Probably not a reminded me a fan for stick Are we still  calling it that was like in concept I see what they wanted to do with it, but the execution, not I’m saying you’re not going to  remember this in t minus one  day yeah already forgot. It’s a bummer because there were a couple of things I liked in the movie.

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