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Early to bed and early to rise make a man healthy , wealthy and wise.This is good a saying.Not only healthy ,wealthy and wise but he will be perfect man.There is another saying “Early bird gets the first worm”. Persons who rise early can do much work.The early riser can do much more work than person who gets up late.The mind is fresh in the early morning .

Best Time 


However ,one must go to  bed early.Then only a person is fit to get up.The number of hours you sleep is very import.If you go to bed at 9 and get up at 4 am. You have already slept 7 hours. Than you have completed a good sleep.You are  not tried when you get up. You are very much lively to perform your work.

When you are get up  early you can some exercises.Early in the morning you will get fresh air.Exercises you get early morning will keep you fit and urge  you to perform your work.The air you breathe in is entirely fresh and clean.

Morning is the best time for reading and other educational activities. There are people who break rest and do their work in the  mid  night.It is not so good.By breaking rest you cannot remember anything because you have to used a force to work.Then and there you will be sleepy.If you get up early  you will remember much more easily.As children you must get up early.If you get up at 5 you will have much more time to work.You can do your home work for about one and half hours.Then you became quite fresh and active.

Example’s life story s


If you read about great writers like Tolstoy ,Thomas Hardy ,Oscarwild ,H G Wells ,Shakespear and Benjamin all of them were early risers. There  were some writers who broke rest and burnt midnight oil.But some of them did not live long .Early riser is always healthy.Not only he works well but also he lives well.

Most of leaders of ouur country were early risers.Mr premadasa were early risers.Mr premadasa when he was the prime minister and president get up 4 am.First of all he bathed and takes his breakfast  and go to his office.He did this until his death.

So we try to be good people like them.


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