Glass is directed by M night Shyamalan  and stars James McAvoy Bruce Willis samuel l.jackson and sarah paulson.  Is the 19 year in the making sequel to unbreakable and split .Which was a surprise and breakable sequel that blew a lot of people’s minds myself included.  In this film we watched david dunn use his supernatural abilities to track kevin Wendel crumb eventually they end up in a psych ward.  Mr. glass himself being interrogated by a specialist who believes they’re under a delusion that they’re all superheroes.  She’s trying to convince them that it’s all in their mind to say that I was excited for this movie. Would be a massive understatement in regards to anticipation this is top 5 maybe even top 2. I was so so ready for this film unbreakable I consider a masterpiece and split. I loved so naturally being in this theater.

I was just pumped, I was amped. I was ready glass has a lot to love the first 20 minutes are absolutely amazing. They were so good in fact that I was worried. I didn’t understand how he could possibly sustain such greatness for the entire run time.


I loved the introduction to David Dunne seeing what his life was like. I loved so

much about that opening especially James McAvoy who is amazing throughout the entire runtime. Once again and he is worth the price of a ticket alone to see him. Reprise all of these roles that live inside of his mind. He is absolutely the best part of this film samuel l.jackson.  He decides to become active in regards to the story amazing really great performance. Reminded me of his work in unbreakable and Bruce Willis is trying you’re gonna hear that a lot although. His character felt left on the sidelines for a lot of the movie which we’ll get into in a second the psych ward scenes.

I was interested in and although it feels a bit long and there’s a sense of I don’t know if this was what I wanted to see it was still fascinating especially as a story about the human psyche and the human condition.  How we view ourselves along with the rest of the world . I liked a lot of the messages behind these scenes the use of color was beautiful.


Her from split really well shot film. This is a very well directed movie from start to finish Shyamalan definitely did not disappoint in regards to that although. There is an overuse of POV shots that. I would say is my biggest issue with the cinematography and the shot structure is there’s a lot of POV shots. There’s a lot of shots with the camera mounted to the actor and it’s pointed at their face.  You get sort of like that Go Pro look and didn’t always work for me. That was overused but overall the movie is gorgeous going into this movie there’s gonna be a lot of people. Who will expect certain things some people just want to see the superhero action. That was only hinted at and unbreakable because if you really think about unbreakable.

There’s just one shot where David puts a guy in a choke hold.  That’s about it in regards to action nevertheless that doesn’t bother me. I love that movie it’s a psychological thriller and just one of my favorites.


So I wasn’t expecting this movie to be like a Marvel movie in fact. I was really hoping it would be the antithesis to that just the exact polar opposite and in many ways. It is I actually got a lot more action than. I expected with the opening and some things towards the end which we’re all done really well. But I’m gonna have to do a spoiler review because obviously. There are things in the finale I can’t get into here I’ll do that later this weekend. I will say though that I was very let down by it I struggled to comprehend. How this ending was chosen amongst many others that you could have chosen it’s the kind of ending. That does not feel earned glass was such a surefire thing so many fans.

People who had been there with Shyamalan from the beginning who had supported him through his dry spell. Who really wanted him to succeed and make great films like this guy .


This didn’t diminish unbreakable or split for me. I still love those films and I didn’t hate this at all like. I just feel very conflicted by it. I have to see it again guys thank you so much as always for watching look forward to more reviews very soon .


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