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Professional Trading and Business Tech


Future net is a brilliant combination of social media and opportunities to earn online (Online Advertising, online tools, online games and earn online). invite friends, chat, see user profiles, assume or join groups, share photos and videos = just earn your own activity.


A product that is used for advertising, or in other words, an ad package (So-called Ad pack. The active user of the program is a person with a minimum of 1 Ad pack. This package gives us a percentage of the company’s turnover / profits.

The cost of the 1th package is $ 50 (you decide how many packages you buy). From the moment you acquire the first and every next ad pack, you get a daily count of about 1 % of the value of your parcels.

(10 packs x 50 $ = 500 $ / 1 % daily = 5 $)
(200 packs x 50 $ = 10.000 $ / 1 % daily = 100 $)
How much more of your ad parcels are in the company’s profits.
A maximum of 1.000 Ad pack.
Each Ad pack “closes” after reaching a value of $ 60 (i.e. 120 % of the purchase value).
The work to be done is to see a minimum of 10 ads per day available on the platform (1 AD = approx. 30 sec). We have 24 hours to see the next 10 items. THE EQUIVALENT OF 1 % is received in 15-minute stages.

It is possible to achieve an additional commercial level by recommendation (showing the programmer to others). Any person who registers from our reference link or people within our structure will buy a minimum of 1 Ad pack generates an additional commission for us.

Become a user of the Premium Social Platform Future net and use products.
With the purchase of individual plates ($ 10, $ 50, $ 100, $ 1000, $ 500) you receive media points (currency currency) that you can and should even use to pay for products available on Float. Thanks to what the company offers for its users, your business will develop at an amazing rate. Of course, that’s not all…

By using business matrices and inviting your partners to use the possibilities of the platform plat form, you get paid:
1. Friends bonus – any of your direct / Intermediate / random partner who will make the purchase of products in the form of matrix produces a disposable profit for you 5 % off the amount of the matrix. The remuneration shall be granted adequately to the existing matrices. Up to 10 level.
2. Matching bonus – this is a premium calculated based on the income of your direct partners with friends bonus, for each matrix separately. The amount of bonus depends on your package. A personal partner generates for you from 10 % to 50 % bonus from his income.
3. Leader bonus – is the percentage (%) of the income generated by your entire structure, without limits to the deep (from 1 level indefinitely). The leader bonus is between 1 % and 7 % and is dependent on its qualifications.

futurocoin – our own crypto currency!

What is crypto currency?
In order to understand the opportunities ahead of us to begin with some information as part of the introduction. Surely you’ve already heard the concept of crypto currencies or block chain. But it won’t hurt to learn that knowledge.
Let us review the definition of ” crypto currency – a fragmented accounting system based on cryptography, store information about the state of possession in contractual units.”
Okay, but what does that even mean? In that case, I would like to make these definitions for the first factors. There are two concepts that require clarification:
A fragmented accounting system means that crypto currency is based on a decentralized database. Thanks to the lack of Central Administration, it is very difficult to manipulate its value, not to mention the overrun. Turnover and possession krypto walutymoże be in
Cryptography otherwise key-information that allows you to perform certain activities – encryption, decryption, signing, signature verification.


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