An event that oscillates between the tragedy of a dead and the random encounter of a newborn girl…

dead child and the random

My wife was admitted to a private hospital in the garden locality city of Rampur, Where she gave birth to a baby but my baby was not lucky enough to be born unexpectedly, my hope was dashed and I faced an unfortunate fate.

I was so helpless that I could not even read the grief. My wife was in tears, however, no matter how hard it was to forget the grief. we had to bear the grief with difficulty.

However, aside from the grief, while preparing a place with the guard to bury the child, he suddenly heard the sound of a hoe hitting a pot I immediately looked at my baby but we realized that it was not my baby and that voice could be heard through the pot. We immediately informed the police and hospital in an ambulance and made every effort to save the child.

The baby added new hope to our own child and paved the way for a beautiful start…

Credit: Caters News Agency
Credit: Caters News Agency
Credit: Caters News Agency
Credit: Caters News Agency


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